SANGNIM MSP corporate research center is comprised of mechanical design and electrical design researchers. Researchers are experts with an average of more than 20 years of experience in the field of large machine tool design, and have both expertise and creativity. They have led the company's technological advancement and innovation, and have contributed to the successful supply of large-scale machine tools.
  • 3D modeling

    existing 2D CAD can be materialized and applied visually and three-dimensionally through 3D analysis and simulation, and errors and structural problems in 2D design can be analyzed from various angles to find problems and solve them in advance. You can find it.
  • 3D structural analysis design for stiffness, material, and stress load

    Stiffness of shapes with complex structures, material properties, stress load and distribution, and others are quantified as reliable data through structural analysis. When producing actual products, structures for heavy cutting is produced based on this data. In addition, factors that can directly affect product lifespan, such as vibration, shock, and heat conduction, are analyzed through 3D analysis and optimized conditions are applied.
  • Factory automation solutions

    SANGNIM MSP analyzes customers' production processes based on know-how accumulated in various industrial fields and provides economical and optimized factory automation solutions.
    Develops process design Automation specialized equipment System control technology
    Provides management technology measurement technology continuous management services
  • Development of software and electrical components for machine tools and industrial machinery

    We develop our own localized CNC system and software, and also implement customized programs and HMI required by our customers to provide the advantages of convenient usability and convenient maintenance.
    Design and develop electrical equipment design Develop software specialized for machine tools and industrial machinery Design and implement HMI