We realized a robot automated welding system for SMR (Small Modular Reactor) high-pressure vessels by applying anti-drift turning roller control technology for SMR vessel welding / automatic welding technology using robots / system control technology for storing and utilizing data.

When welding extremely thick plate connection, high welding precision is required to prevent
damage caused by increased internal pressure due to vulnerability of the welded area.
SANGNIM MSP provides robot automated welding systems using its own technology.

  • Anti Drift Turning Roller

    · Max. Supports 500 ton Payload
    · Precise Control of Axial Movement of SMR Vessel
  • Welding Device

    · MIG Robot Automatic Welding
    · Weld Seam Tracking and ARC Length Control
  • WAAM - Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

    · Using slicing tools to directly generate robot programs based on 3D CAD data, then performing additive welding.
    · Slicing Algorithm : Calculates the volumetric difference between the base body and the material to be welded.