• Top Edge Milling Machine

    Milling machine that processes the top flange of the can.
    A surrface measuring device is installed on the side of the spindle head to measure the height difference between the machining surfaces before machining to determine the final machining amount.
Items Specification
Machine size (mm)L×W×H 9,000 × 9,000 × 6,800
Machine weight (ton) 42
Workpiece Diameter (mm) 5,000 ~ 8,500
Height (mm) 3,000 ~ 4,200
Wall thickness (mm) 30 ~ 120
Material S355 or S460 or Carbon steels
Main spindle Rotating speed (rpm) 115 ~ 600
Motor power (kW) 22
Cutting tool dia. (mm) ø160
Travelling feed (X-axis) Stroke (mm) 2,190
Feed rate (mm/min) Max. 6,000
Servo motor power (kW) 3
Travelling feed (Y-axis) Stroke (mm) 1,300
Feed rate (mm/min) Max. 6,000
Servo motor power (kW) 6
Rotating feed (C-axis) Rotation (°) Infinite rotation
Feed rate (mm/min) 0~3
Servo motor power (kW) 6
Laser measuring system · Before processing, the final processing depth is determined by measuring the height difference on the upper surface of the can, using a laser sensor.
· Before processing, check the concentricity of the inner diameter of the can using a laser sensor.
Control system FANUC Oi-MF+
Lubrication system Slide way & Ball screw Centralized lubrication system
touch slide