• Seam Milling Machines Circumferential(C-seam) and Longitudinal (L-seam)

    A surrface measuring device is installed on the side of the spindle head to measure the height difference between the machining surfaces before machining to determine the final machining amount.
Items Specification
Machine size (mm)L×W×H 5,600 × 10,500 × 2,600
Machine weight (ton) 15
Workpiece EC380/EC550, HX200/HX300
VDK14/VDK22, DX80
Main spindle Number of spindle 1 set
Spindle rotating speed (rpm) Normal : 100 - max. 696
Stroke X-axis (mm) 1,650
Y-axis (mm) 750
Z-axis (mm) 350
Rotary table (°) 360
W-axis (mm) 360
Rapid travers X-axis (mm/min) 6,000
Z-axis (mm/min) 360
Rotary table (rpm) 0 ~ 3
CNC system Control system PC-NC
Input system LCD conversation input
Total power 220/440v, 60Hz, 3PH 40
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