Robot Welding System igm
IGM Robot System AG, provided by SANGNIM MSP, is a leader in welding automation with a history of more than 50 years, dating back to the 1980s. Through the design, manufacture and supply of sensor-controlled welding and cutting robotic systems, in addition to efficient overall solutions, individual customer-specific system developments are also carried out. More than 4,000 robotic systems are operating in industries worldwide.
  • Optimized multi-joint robot system

    The best multi-joint (6 to 9 axis) system in existence allows for an optimized approach for difficult work spaces.
  • Full Digital Control System

    The full digital control system reduces external influences and enables quick response and precise operation..
  • Creation of optimal access

    Various robot peripheries are provided to realize optimal access to the welding workpiece.
  • Accurate welding positioning

    By applying various sensors (touch, arc, laser sensors), welding with correcting accurate positioning and workpiece errors in real time is possible.
  • Effectiveness of the monitoring system

    The monitoring system and remote support system maximize efficiency in process management and problem solving.
  • Flexible Manufacturing System

    FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) - Propose and supply a production line tailored to the purpose of the flexible manufacturing system. These flexible systems require more than welding skills: loading, transporting, tensioning, bending, cutting, measuring, manipulating, editing, storing, unloading and controlling.