As it is impossible for a pipe-shaped workpiece to be 100% circular or for the turning rolls to be 100% level, the workpiece moves laterally as it rotates on the turning rolls. SANGNIM MSP Anti Drift Turning Roller system prevents drift when the workpiece deviates to the side, by having a sensor receive the signal, and through PLC automatic control, the servo motor operates the roller to return the workpiece to its original position.
Model Capacity
SM-TRA50 50 ton
SM-TRA100 100 ton
SM-TRA200 200 ton
SM-TRA500 500 ton
SM-TRA800 800 ton
SM-TRA1000 1,000 ton
Items Specification
Configuration 1 × Drive Turning Roller
1 × Anti Drift Turning Roller
Sensor unit
Scope of application Monopile / pinpile for wind power generation
Pressure vessel production
Small Modular Reactor (SMR) production
Features Controls the drift direction motion of the pipe regardless of the direction of rotation
Adjust levels to prevent drift
Optimization for welding work by performing anti-drift function without tilting the pipe or disturbing the pipe center line
Load Capacity 10 ~ 1,000 tons per unit (20 ~ 2,000 tons per set)
Diameter range (mm) 1,000 ~ 15,000
Anti Drift Control range (mm) ±2
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  • The total length of the finished product of a large pipe structure (monopile, pressure vessel, etc.) is easily over 100m, and the length is increased by continuously welding unit cans.
  • Lateral movement occurs when rotating the material during machining and welding of can connections.
  • This amount of lateral movement come to very large, which is a fatal factor in welding defects
  • Improves machining and weldability by controlling the axial movement amount as follows.