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SANGRIM MSP creates new value through innovative solution

  • SANGNIM MSP Co., Ltd.

    Company Name

    Total Solution Engineering company SANGNIM MSP is located
    in Changwon City, South Korea, and provides services for the development
    and manufacturing of machine tools and industrial facilities.

  • 2007


    Starting with SANGRIM MSP in 2007, we have been leading the domestic and international engineering field as a business partner that has provided optimal solutions to leading companies with 30 years of accumulated technology.

We want to create a foundation by increase the competitiveness of investment in facilities in the heavy industry, power generation, wind power, shipbuilding, and steel industries which are depend on imports, and create more independent economic structure and ensure internal stability by replacing them with high-tech and high-value-added localized development products and also create mutually beneficial synergies to grow together.

We have successfully supplied large-scale machine tools that can process parts required for shipbuilding, nuclear power, wind power, power generation, and steel industries. In particular, a machine capable of processing frame box, bed plate, marine diesel engine block part, etc. in the shipbuilding field is one of the main product groups. Based on world-class engineering with the solid technology and experience accumulated over a long period of time by the company affiliated research institute, we are producing highly productive and efficient equipment.

We aim for the future to improve the competitiveness of facility investment in the heavy industry, power generation, wind power, shipbuilding, and steel fields, which are entirely dependent on Germany and Japan, and replace them with high-tech and high-value-added localized products to create more independent economic structure and ensure internal stability. It is also to create a foundation for mutual growth by creating synergistic effects. We are working hard to find the best solutions by exploring the possibility of their development for items that are technically difficult to localize and have no choice but to depend on imports at high prices.

Main Product

  • Factory automation manufacturing/development
  • Manufacturing/development of industrial facilities
  • Robot welding system
  • Welding-related positioners/jig
  • Large crane production retrofit
  • New production/development of large machine tools
  • Sales of unit and spare part for large machine tools
  • Import and sale of overseas machine tools (Europe, Japan)
  • Specialized processing machines for defense, heavy machinery, nuclear power, etc.
  • Head Office and Factory : 14, Pyeongsan-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 51398, Republic of Korea
  • Head Office and Factory Tel : +82-55-287-1534Fax : +82-55-782-0804
  • Seoul Office : D-206, 52 Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05839, Republic of Korea
  • Seoul Office Tel : +82-2-2088-6078Fax : +82-55-782-0804