• 2024 WEINGÄRTNER/HELLER domestic sales agent agreement
  • 2024 Registered whirlabout milling machine design
  • 2024 Nuclear Power Company Certification (1st Grade Gold/Korean Nuclear Industry)
  • 2023 Designated as a root technology precision processing specialized company (Minister of SMEs and Startups)
  • 2023 Changwon National Industrial Complex Development Award (Mayor of Changwon)
  • 2023 Awarded Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Award in the technology innovation category
  • 2023 Patent registration for roll grinder U&B axis with precision adjustment function of U-axis and B-axis
  • 2023 Started development and production of crankshaft lathe pin turner
  • 2023 Relocation of main business site (factory)(14 Pyeongsan-ro, Uichang-gu)


  • 2022 Innobiz certification (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business)
  • 2022 ISO 45001 safety and health certified
  • 2022 Received machinery order from ARAMCO Group in Saudi Arabia
  • 2022 Selected as a small, strong enterprise designated by Changwon City
  • 2022 Hydrostatic worm rack coating patent registration
  • 2022 Agent agreement with Austria IGM welding robot
  • 2021 Certified as a specialized company for materials and equipment (Korea Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning)
  • 2021 Started development of low-end CNC control system equipped with ICT-based technology for rolling grinding machine
  • 2021 SANGNIM MSP Co., Ltd. research institute recognized (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • 2021 Agent Agreement with Germany WALDRICH COBURG


  • Localization Development of CNC Cirular saw 2018
  • Participated in the development and installation of large-scale aerospace component machining equipment2018
  • Supplied design and parts for 1,250 ton ship2018
  • Registration as a cooperative company of Hyundai Heavy Co., Ltd.2017
  • Installation of the German Handtmann, Zimmermann for Aerospace industry2017
  • Establishment and accreditation of the R&D department2017
  • Agent Agreement with Czech Republic SKODA machine tool Korea 2016
  • Establishment of SANGNIM MSP Co., Ltd.2015
  • Registration as a cooperative company of Doosan Heavy Co., Ltd.2015
  • Localization Development of Roll Grinder for Steel2014
  • Localization Development of 160 ton CNC Heavyduty Horizontal Lathe 2014
  • Localization Development of 350 ton CNC VerticalTurning and Milling Machine 2014
  • Engineered and Supplied Goliath Crane (STX Shipbuilding, etc.) 2014
  • Started machine tool service and industrial equipment business 2007
  • Established SANGNIM2007