Logo type

SANGNIM MSP CI is an important core element that contains the brand’s formative characteristics and symbolism, and is our valuable asset.
As such, when using our CI, you must ensure that no damage to the image occurs, such as distortion, deformation, or misuse.
You must download the official data and enlarge or reduce the image size in direct proportion when using it.

  • 국문 로고
    Korean notation
    The 'SANGNIM' in SANGNIM MSP is derived from SANGNIM Park located in Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. We designed the symbol by embodying the refreshing sound and green leaves. The logo type was designed to evoke the rounded shape and visual similarity of the symbol. For the Korean logo type, we chose a typeface that shares formal similarities with the English version.
  • 영문 로고
    English notation
    Our company signature is a combination of a symbol and a logo type.
    The most basic form is used, and when used, it should be enlarged or reduced in proportion without distortion. When using the logo type, make sure to leave a minimum space around it in all directions to secure space for revealing SANGNIM MSP's unique logo.

Changing colors arbitrarily can damage the brand's image, so it's essential to use standard colors.
Dedicated colors can be used for print materials, packaging, vehicles, etc., as needed.

SANGNIM Gradient
  • Slider 1 SANGNIM Green
  • Slider 2 SANGNIM Green
  • Slider 2 SANGNIM Grey
  • CMYK 48 18 81 0
  • HEX #94AF50
SANGNIM Gradient
  • CMYK 0 0 0 80
  • HEX #94AF50 -> #6B8932
  • DEGREE : -45 ° / RATIO : 100%
  • CMYK 0 0 0 80
  • HEX #555555